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In every hotel, Room reservation is the primary step for visitor entry. Hotel invites Reservations by phone, through agent, By Email, Website or direct customer reservation.


At the time of booking, manually checking which room is vacant or which rooms are occupied on a particular date is a very complicated and time consuming process.


Using WEBOO there is no need to remember or maintain any diaries of room booking. WEBOO shows only vacant rooms list very intelligently at the time of reservation.


Direct Check-In or Pick from Reservation

In WEBOO, There are 2 Modes of Customer Check In. Customer may approach directly or he may have reservation in our hotel. WEBOO automatically picks customer details from reservation entry. Resulting in a lot of time saving of your staff as well as your customer.


Easy, Clear & Professional Invoicing
In a hotel, Bill is a very much complicated process. It involves

Calculation of Rent for stay days

During these days there are many items served at different intervals

Calculation of other charges like CGST, SGST, IGST  Discount etc.

WEBOO automatically produce professional and total error free invoice on a single click. With automatic calculation of all the rent, food & Other charges.


Find your customer easily by room no., customer name or company name


Apply Value added Service charges like Extra Bed Charges, Hot Water Charges, Telephone charges, laundry Services


Customize your taxation structure and apply on every bill by default


Flexibility to select payment mode as cash, bank, tourist company, corporation or tourism agent.


Customizable Bill Formats

Use Colors / Lines / Fonts / Logos / watermarks to beautify your bill format

Advance Receipts

1) During stay at hotel, a guest may be paying some amount at regular intervals to hotel staff 
2) This amount paid shall be considered as advance at the time of billing and hence will be deducted from the amount payable 
3) To be auto adjusted in Check out Bill time


Advance Dashboard

WEBOO Dashboard’s picturization shows every room position as on a particular date with advance search options.


advance weboo


Informative and Intuitive Stayview

View all rooms stay in a single time

 weboo occupancy

Maintain your Bill Book

bill book weboo


Generate Police Station Report

Informative Home Screen  

Showing all information from date to date like total reservations, advance received, Total Bills generated, All Rooms Status, Items Billed etc. 

Very useful for making day end summary

homescreen weboo


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